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The Town of Lyerly's Goals

The following is a list of ideas and upcoming/ongoing projects that are of high priority to the Town. Our #1 goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Lyerly and we feel that the completion of these projects will greatly improve the quality of life in Lyerly.

*Indicates a project is in planning/funding stages

**Indicates a project is ongoing

  • Flow monitoring system to track storm water
  • Replace all the pumps in waste water system*
  • Build new fence in park
  • Park improvements:

           - New handicapped accessible playground*

           - New fences on the large ball field **

           - A new centrally located multi-use building that will house the concession stand, restrooms, scorekeeping and storage for ball fields.

           - Construction of another pavilion.*

           - Re-surfacing the walking track. *

           - Sidewalks connecting the interior use areas of the park.*

  • Street Repair and repaving.*
  • Making Lyerly Down Home Day a larger event with more activities/entertainment.
  • Revitalizing the downtown area.**
  • Beautifying the streetscapes of Lyerly.**
  • Construction of a community center.**
  • Construction of a "River Park" on the Chattooga River, including a water trail "The Lower Chattooga River Canoe/Kayak Trail".**
  • Replace existing sidewalks, expand sidewalks.**
  • Hold more community events.**
  • Make the Town "Greener" through energy conservation and recycling.**

Completed Goals

  • Replaced Old Tractor (2019)
  • Build Concession Stand (2019)
  • The purchase of a Rescue Truck to aid the Fire Dept. in responses to first responder and rescue calls
  • Replace the water system in the Town limits
  • Installing a 12" water line to supply Mohawk Industries.
  • Extending the walking track into the newly cleared area of the park.
  • New sidewalk to Angus Mcleod Park.
  • Repaved 75% of streets in town limits.
  • New Bleachers on Big Ball Field
  • New Dugout Covers on Little Field
  • New Dugout Covers on Big Field
  • New Batting Cage for Recreation Teams